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Who can sell tickets using Zoobis?

Zoobis is freely open to anyone who needs to sell or distribute tickets. Zoobis allows you to easily create event listings, publish online and collect payment. Once you've created your event it can be embedded on your own website, linked to, promoted on Facebook, found through the Zoobis events calendar or by searching online. When you use Zoobis to create your event, your presentation is fully customizable, this means that when you create an event your ticketing page can be branded the way you want it! Need help? No problem, just drop us a note and we'll get things set up for you.

I'm a Venue/Promoter, how will joining Zoobis benefit me?

Simple. Zoobis offers you the most comprehensive event management toolset available on the internet. Add to this the lowest fees in the industry and a completely FREE sign up and event listing process and it makes it easy to see why Zoobis should be your ticketing provider of choice. Our event management system allows you to track every ticket sale, page view, demographic and history. The Zoobis event manager puts all your data in your hands and provides you the information you need to constantly improve and grow your events.

How will using Zoobis benefit my guests?

That's the easy one. Zoobis offers you and your guests the same or better ticketing services as any of our competitors. We have an easy to navigate events calendar and we provide secure online transactions, the Zoobis difference however, is the lowest service and convenience fees available anywhere. We built this system for you, for your guests, because as party and event goers ourselves, we got tired of being gouged by ticketing providers!

How long does it take to publish my event and sell tickets?

With our simple to use interface, you can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes. If you've got a little more time you can use the tools in our event manager to customize every aspect of your event presentation, you can tailor colors, images, fonts and select which portions of information you want to show or hide. Thanks to our unique customization opportunities no two Zoobis events ever need to look the same, click publish and your event is now ticketing live online.

Are there contracts or fees associated with publishing events?

No! We've been down that road and we hated it. Our past experience using other service providers has resulted in an absolutely free event posting and management system. If you're hosting a general admission event, the only time anyone is charged a fee by Zoobis is when a ticket is sold. SIMPLE. We do not force you to use us exclusively, instead we've focused on providing a strong product without usage fees as we truly believe that after using Zoobis, you won't want to go anywhere else. Planning an event with assigned seating? Call us, send us your seating chart, and we'll get you set up with an interactive seating map for a small one time fee.

I'm a business that offers services to event producers and venues, how can Zoobis help me?

The Zoobis Directory is your answer! With the Zoobis directory you can easily create your profile, and pitch your services. We have venue owners, promoters, corporations, and producers visiting everyday. Make it easy for them to find you and your services. Ideal industries for the Zoobis directory listings might be photographers, staging providers, audio providers, catering, videography, technology rentals, tents, bar service, printers...pretty well anything that an event might need.

Can I get hardcopy tickets sent to me through Zoobis?

Hard copy tickets are currently not available via the Zoobis online ticketing system, in order to maintain the lowest fee possible our tickets are delivered electronically via email, guests can print their tickets directly from their email of from thier tickets listing on our website. Hard copy tickets to some events may be purchased directly from the event promoter and select retail outlets.

How is Zoobis different from other ticketing sites?

There are lots of reasons to use Zoobis, here are the highlights:

  1. We promise to never gouge your guests with atrocious "service fees"
  2. We provide promoters, venues, and event hosts with realtime event data and reports
  3. IT'S FREE to create, publish and promote your event
  4. You may customize your event with your brand, colors, fonts and url address
  5. Our site is clean and simple, guests are not bombarded by ads and other events. You drive people to your event, keep them there!
  6. In case we forgot to mention...publishing your event is FREE!

I have some ideas or tools that I need? Can I contact someone and provide some feedback?

We built Zoobis for you, we truly encourage and look forward to your feedback. Please let us know your ideas, problems, anything at all really that will help us make this a better more usable tool for you is valuable information to us. Send feedback now!