Why We Built Zoobis

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Zoobis was designed and engineered by people like you! People that want to find the best events in town, and the people throwing those events. Our experience showed us that previous to Zoobis, online ticketing was an expensive and lack luster proposition. While the convenience of buying tickets online is unparalleled, we believe the ticketing experience needed be simpler to use, cheaper to offer and rich with the tools and reporting abilities needed to drive successful events.

Enter Zoobis.

Zoobis is designed to offer facilitators, promoters, producers, venues, event and project managers the tools you need to ticket and manage your events online without huge fees or exclusive agreements. The free event management toolset and ticketing platform provided by Zoobis fills a void in the world of web based ticketing, we increase event marketability, drive ticket sales, connect audiences, feverishly report usage and sales and support everyone involved along the way.

For guests attending Zoobis events, we make finding tickets easy, repeat purchases are a breeze and we facilitate the entire ticket purchase, freeing you up to throw a great event.